The Budget 2018

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Savings and Pensions

ISA limits

The investment limits for 2021/22 remain £20,000 for a standard adult ISA (within which £4,000 may be in a Lifetime ISA), and £9,000 for a Junior ISA or Child Trust Fund.

Pension contributions (Table B)

There has been speculation that the Chancellor might reduce pension tax relief, which costs the Exchequer a great deal. There were no significant announcements of reform in the Budget, although a number of consultations are expected on 23 March that might deal with this. The only measure announced related to the Lifetime Allowance (LA), which is the maximum amount that a person can save in tax-advantaged pension schemes before extra tax charges arise on drawing benefits. The value of benefits is measured against the LA when benefits are first taken from a pension, and on some other occasions, including the individual’s 75th birthday. The LA is frozen at its 2020/21 level of £1,073,100 until the end of 2025/26. When LA was first introduced in 2006, it was £1,800,000; fixing it at this level will mean that many more people will have to consider the tax charges when they draw their pensions over the next few years.